About us

Who Are We?

Hello and welcome to Cuckold Chat. My name is Dawn, but you will refer to me as Mistress and you will only speak when told to speak. I am a 24/7 lifestyle Domina and have been living the life for more than a decade with my cuck Rover. His given name was Charles but he was allowed to take on the moniker Rover during a naming and collaring ceremony that took place a week after we were married.

Rover is aware that his Mistress needs to be satisfied by much more emotional, physical and spirtual love than he is capable of offering, so I also maintain an evolving harem of male submissives and have taken on the occasional female sub when the mood suits me.

The reason Cuckold Chat has become so successful over the years is that it truly is a labor of love. I have always wanted to build a real community of D/S lifestylers and combine it with live cam shows that can educate the community as much as they tititlate all of us.

For what it's worth, Rover is in full agreement with my mission, and his coding skills have proven valuable enough for me to keep him around. I also do enjoy the way he whimpers when I have a real man fuck my holes right in front of him. Truth be told I can become quite submissive myself in the right circumstances, and finding a real bull of a man to bust the biggest orgasms out of me while Rover watches has become the primary focus of our lives.

What Do We Cover?

Cuckold Chat started off by focusing on the fantasies we find most exciting, but since it's start it has continued to evolve in ways that serve the greater Domina Cuck community at larger. Presently we cover nearly every kind of fetish play with hundreds or thousands of models online any time teaching, coaxing and satisfying the millions of people who have helped Cuckold Chat become the premier fetish cam site for singles and couples online.